The price is right: Tips for setting a list price

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When putting a home up for sale, one of the most important tasks is making sure the price is right. Set the price too low and you risk losing thousands of dollars. Price your home too high and it could languish on the market. That’s problematic since homes with the biggest discounts typically are the ones that stay on the market longest, according to It’s also important to get pricing right so you don’t miss out on potential buyers who are looking in price ranges close to yours. To navigate the dangers of over- and underpricing, here are five tips to help you get it right: 1. Don’t set the price based on what you paid Over the past …

Have a Heart Homes Helps Address the Crises in Affordable Housing

Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors Advice

Readers of this column and those of you who have been following other numerous media reports over the past few months know that there is a critical shortage of affordable housing in northern Utah. In fact, one recent report shows that Utah has a need for 43,000 affordable housing units, posing an almost insurmountable challenge. And while the affordable housing crises is especially acute right now, your local Realtors and Home Builders have been addressing the situation since 1998 with our Have a Heart Homes non-profit foundation. Nearly every year, Realtors and Home Builders in Northern Utah have secured an affordable lot, engaged a home builder, and raised funds to help offset the costs of construction. The general contractor and …

Breaking ground in Layton. Have A Heart Home today!

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We were excited to break ground on our Layton Have A Heart Home today! Thank you to Mainline Construction, The Homebuilders Association, and the Community Outreach Committee! We are still currently accepting applications for this home. The application is available on our website HERE. Please email applications to

The risks of selling and buying on your own

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In a world where Pinterest, online videos and specialty blogs encourage you to try any number of projects, it’s easy to think you’re up to any do-it-yourself challenge. While some projects are low-risk, like trying a new recipe, others, like shingling your roof, can cause serious problems if done without the proper expertise. Buying and selling a home are activities that fall into the latter category. Without the experience of a real estate agent who knows your neighborhood, you risk losing thousands of dollars. Or you could find yourself in a lawsuit because you didn’t understand your legal responsibilities. Here are just a few of the costly mistakes that “do-it-yourselfers” risk making:   Buyers Paying too much Just because a …