What do I do if I have suggestions, questions, or concerns about the Association?

You may call any member of the Association staff, including the CEO any time at 801-476-4216.  You can also email the CEO at  In addition, any member can call the Association President, or any other member of the Board of Directors.

How do I contact a member of the Board of Directors?

Contact information will be posted on the NWAOR website.

Position First Name Last Name Contact Phone Member E-mail
President Shauna Ray 801-389-6947
President Elect Stephanie Taylor 801-814-7175

Past President Robert Bolar 801-737-3333
Director Spring Bengtzen 801-641-1431
Director Katie Bush 801-726-0522
Director Devi Cooper 801-807-9190
Director Lori Fleming 801-940-9560
Director Bob Hill 801-390-3621
Director Anne Lansing 801-644-2663
Director Dan Naylor 801-683-9093
Director Liz Sears 801-577-0176
Director Adam Speth 801-309-3268
Director Doug Spiers 801-726-7173
Director Steve Stringham 801-589-5800