R.A.D Women’s Self Defense

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ENROLL NOW! April Session: 15th from 6 PM – 9 PM 16th from 8 Am – 5 PM This is a free class for female members of the Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors. All male members may register one female member of your family for free. Offered by the Weber/Morgan County Sheriff’s Offices, Harrisville & South Ogden Law Enforcement Agencies. *This is a 12 Hour Course that is split up into 3 or 4 smaller classes or 2 Friday/Saturday Classes. One RAD course is held per month. For more info or to register: ecox@bhhsutah.com Working together to create a safer environment for the women in our community

Record home sales in 2015; continued growth expected in 2016

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Even though it’s cold outside, that hasn’t stopped the momentum of Utah’s red-hot housing market. In fact, last year’s performance marked some of the highest sales in state history — a fact made even better by the prediction that demand won’t be slowing down for 2016. While real estate throughout Utah performed well, areas in Northern Utah were among the top markets. In Weber County, Realtors sold nearly 4,400 homes in 2015, just shy of the record set during the boom year of 2006. In Davis County, Realtors beat the 2006 record by selling more than 5,100 properties. This is the most homes ever sold annually in the county, according to UtahRealEstate.com records dating back to 1995. Statewide, Realtors sold …

Agent Safety is Top Priority

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With the murder of real estate agent, Beverly Carter, her son is urging for greater safety measures to be taken to prevent this from happening to someone else. With the tragic murder, it is important for agents to make safety a top priority and REALTOR® associations across the country are taking extra precautions to train and ensure safety for agents. There are some apps and ‘smart jewelry’ worth checking out to stay safe. In addition to using technology to stay safe, here are a few more things you can do to stay safe: Always let your office and one personal contact know where you are at all times. Never agree to a private showing unless you’ve already met the client …

2 Things Never to Say as an Agent

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Working in the real estate industry, there have certainly been things we wish we hadn’t said. If you’re starting out in real estate, build a script of a few things to say when confronted with these 2 questions: First statement: Don’t say, I only check my messages during business hours, which, in a digital world, can turn a potential client away. People expect agents to be responsive and it is important you demonstrate to your clients that you’ll be there for them. However, set reasonable expectations to keep your sanity. What you should say instead, I’m here to answer all your questions. How would you  prefer to communicate? The best way to reach me is <email/text/call> between the hours of …

The Art of Communication and Networking

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Networking is an art. Meeting new people, chatting, and learning what you can do for them. Half the time the challenge is just remembering their name. However, sometimes you get in a situation where you get cornered and cannot get out of an unending conversation. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, here are some great tips from Business Insider: Food and drink. If you find you need to take a break from a constant chatter, excuse yourself to grab some food. Ask them if they would like anything, if they say no then you have a reason not to return. If they say yes, take the opportunity to gather your thoughts and perhaps bring a friend with you. …