The Art of Communication and Networking

Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors Advice

Networking is an art. Meeting new people, chatting, and learning what you can do for them. Half the time the challenge is just remembering their name. However, sometimes you get in a situation where you get cornered and cannot get out of an unending conversation.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation, here are some great tips from Business Insider:

Food and drink. If you find you need to take a break from a constant chatter, excuse yourself to grab some food. Ask them if they would like anything, if they say no then you have a reason not to return. If they say yes, take the opportunity to gather your thoughts and perhaps bring a friend with you.

Utilize your phone. Excuse yourself to make a phone call or use an app to “fake call” your phone and give you a reason to step away.

Conversation lull. When there is a subdue moment in the conversation you can take the moment to either change the conversation or make your excuse and say your goodbye.

Networking is an art and one you will get better and better with over time. Feel free to share some of your tips and strategies below.