The 7th Annual Food For Funds – Food and Clothing Drive

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Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS 7th Annual Food For Funds ~ Food and Clothing Drive

Food and Clothing Drive

September 14th to November 7th

Main Event – Breakfast, Unloading & PR – November 8th at 7am – The Lantern House in Ogden

There’s Nothing More Rewarding than Giving Back and Making a Difference in the Lives of the People in this Great Community.

We as REALTORS have a special way of communicating with people, that’s what we are best at. We know how to reach out to those in need and we find great joy in doing so. It isn’t for the win, it isn’t for the notoriety, it is really about that one special moment of knowing you, your team and your community rolled up your sleeves and helped so many in need. That’s what this is about and it truly is wonderful.

I know that when we get together to do something this big there are challenges and there are always ways to improve. We truly do want to make this an incredible success year after year and I encourage you to give your opinion and feedback that will help make this an amazing event.

With that said, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your participation and support in this great cause.

Please see the some important changes and details outlined below.

Please Note — There are some small changes to the point system for food. We want to encourage more canned protein foods with higher point values as this is what they are always lacking in (Peanut Butter, Tuna, Beans, Chicken etc…)

Please Note – There is a change in venue for the breakfast. We will be having the Main Event on November 8th at The Lantern House in Ogden.

This event has grown from 15,570 items in 2013 to 341,165 items in 2017 and we anticipate this year to be even bigger.
We really are trying to get the publicity that this event deserves. As you know, that can be a challenge these days, but the more participation, social media posts, “likes and shares” of the FB event page, personal marketing etc…will surely get that attention.
**We are having a backdrop made for photo ops that you can check out at the NWAOR office. I will send an email when this is ready.**

There are a couple of tasks that I ask of all of you to help spread the word and bring more awareness to NWAOR’s Community Outreach Committee and the Food For Funds Drive.

Food Drive & Grant Participation:

1.     All brokerages can participate. Even if they don’t try for a grant for a charity of their choice.

2.     Choose your charity.

3.     Choose your grant recipient: All details are outlined below under “Grant Participation” or go to

4.     The name of the drive is Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS 7th Annual Food For Funds Drive.
(Please include that it is Food and Clothing Drive as some people didn’t realize that it was the same NWAOR drive.)
Please use this in your marketing materials. See attached NWAOR logo you can use in flyers, posters, social media etc…

5.     You can do a drive for anything you want: food, coats, boots, hygiene items, blankets, gloves… It all counts so encourage them to participate in any way that works for them.

6.     Share and Like the NWAOR Community Outreach Committee & The Food For Funds Facebook event page on your social media – Community Outreach Committee – NWAOR

7.     Take lots of pictures, share, tag etc…on NWAOR Food For Funds Facebook event page. **Remember, We will have a backdrop for photos that you can use for photo opportunities.

8.     We encourage and appreciate participation in our Big Event at The Lantern House in Ogden on November 8th.

Grant Participation

Choose Your Grant Recipient and Email so she can make sure you are on the email list when she sends reminders for your final count. If you don’t let her know you are participating for the grant you may get missed in the final count and that would be unfortunate.

The brokerages with the most item points wins!

Grants will be awarded to the top teams collecting the most items.

1st Place $5000

2nd Place $2500

3rd Place $1000

5 Honorable Mentions at $100 Each

For Food Items:

Canned Protein (Peanut Butter, Tuna, Chicken, Beans etc…) (4 Points)

All Other Canned Food (2 Points)

Boxed Food Item (2 Points)

Dry Rice, Beans and the Like 1 LB (1 Point)

All Others (1 Point)

For Non-Food Items:

Sleeping Bag (20 Points)

Blanket (5 Points)

Insulated Gloves (5 Points)

Knit Gloves (1 Point)

Insulated Coat (20 Points)

Jacket (10 Points)

Boots (15 Points)

Shoes (10 Points)

Travel Size Hygiene Items (1 Point)

Full Size Hygiene Items (3 Points)

Toothbrush or Floss (1 Point)

Money $1 (1 Point)