Kristie Nelson

Kristie Nelson has served as a NWAOR Board Director for the past 3 years. This past year, being a  respected and trusted leader, she was voted by our NWAOR Board of Directors to serve as the 2nd Vice  President on the Executive Committee, and in conjunction serve on the UAR Board of Directors. During  the past 3 years, she has also been a liaison for our Affiliates, Education, Government Affairs & RPAC  Committees. Representing the Board in these various capacities, she has always kept the best interest of  our membership at the forefront. She has shared valuable ideas, insight, and perspectives that have  been part of decisions which brought positive improvements for our membership. Networking with her  fellow colleagues, she helped bring more awareness to the importance of RPAC, which assisted in record  breaking fundraising efforts. During her tenure, she also helped to create more awareness around the  NWAOR Committees, and she recruited other agents to join these committees as well. 

As a top producing realtor with active boots on the ground, she understands the immediate and future  needs and challenges faced by her fellow colleagues, board membership, and our industry as a whole.  Kristie believes that all voices should be heard, and that some of the best ideas stem from the quietest 

observers. She believes in the power of collaboration and working together to make a difference. While  she is solution based, results driven, extremely focused and hardworking, she also brings an element of  lightness, fun, creativity, and laughter wherever she goes. 

Using her innovation, knowledge, experience, and industry insight she plans to bring more inclusivity,  awareness, results, creativity, and fun to her fellow colleagues and membership of our NWAOR Board.  She appreciates your time in reading her bio, and respectfully asks for your vote to re-elect her to serve  another term on the NWAOR Board of Directors. Thank you.