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Our Mission

Our project goals are to assist families with special needs in realizing the dream of home-ownership, to promote affordable housing, and to provide individuals and businesses the opportunity to give back to their community.


The Have A Heart project began in 1998 as a community service project from the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS®. The Have A Heart project began refurbishing existing homes and selling them at a substantial discount to families with special needs.

A few years later, the Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association joined us and took our project to a whole new level. With their help, we have been able to build new construction homes every year since, in Davis and Weber counties.

Our new homes are still discounted substantially, which is made possible through the charitable contributions from individuals and local businesses, builders and subcontractors that donate their services and supplies, and by the REALTORS® and Affiliates that host fundraisers throughout the year. All funds raised go directly to the Have A Heart homes.


Our selection process begins with the search for our future homeowners during our open application period.

Our search is announced in various ways ranging from radio and TV ads, to articles in the Standard Examiner, and through announcements to various housing agencies and community groups.

Selection Process

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"If the Realtors and Homebuilders stand for anything, it’s homeownership. We strongly believe that individuals and families being able to own their own home is the silver bullet to so many of society’s challenges. Homeownership strengthens communities and has a profound impact for good in so many areas. Everyone should be able to realize the American Dream of owning their own home and it is our privilege to do everything we can to help make that happen, one home at a time!"

Shauna Ray
2020 President of the Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors

How You Can Help

Have A Heart helps families with special needs realize the dream of homeownership by providing them with affordable housing. This is made possible through the generous contributions from individuals, local businesses, builders, subcontractors, the Association of REALTORS® and its Affiliates.

We are always looking for new community partners, project sponsors, and charitable contributions. You can donate funds, products and services, and donated or discounted building lot opportunities. Remember, cash and land donations are tax deductible!

We urge you to take part in helping house our Utah families.

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For More Information:
Northern Wasatch
Association of Realtors®

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5703 South 1475 East Ste #1
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The Have A Heart project is governed through a partnership between the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® and the Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association.

The Have a Heart Home is a non-profit project with all donations being tax deductible. 100% of the received donations go towards the home.

partnership between the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® and the Northern Wasatch Homebuilders Association.