Where can we go to see the goals, mission statement and vision of the Association?

NWAOR has a Strategic Plan that is updated each year by a Strategic Planning Committee and the Board of Directors.  The Strategic plan is available to review on our website (  In addition to the Strategic plan, the Association President, in consultation with the Board of Directors, also has the authority to set goals for the Association.

Where can we go to view the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of the Association?

Both are posted on our website.

How are the Bylaws amended?

There is a three step process for the Bylaws to be amended.  (1) The Board of Directors approves a change (2) Notice of the proposed change is sent to Association members via email. (3) A general membership meeting is held where a vote of the membership can approve, modify or deny the proposed change.

Who has the authority to approve or amend the Policies and Procedures?

The Board of Directors.

What is the mission statement of the Association?

The Mission of the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS®

The mission of the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® is to serve its members by providing and promoting educational, business planning, governmental advocacy, and other appropriate/relevant programs and services to enhance members’ freedom and ability to successfully and competently conduct their individual business in a manner consistent with the Code of Ethics and Fair Housing practices.  Through collective action the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® promotes the enhancement and preservation of the right to own, transfer, and use real property.

Is the Association budget available for members to see?

Yes. Any dues paying member in good standing can view the budget by calling the Board CEO to schedule an appointment. The CEO and/or Board President and/or Board Treasurer will meet with you to show you a year end audit and answer any questions you may have.

Who approved the Association budget and who decides how to spend dues dollars?

The budget is approved by the Board of Directors. Committees, made up of volunteer REALTORS also have some discretion in determining how to spend dues dollars.

Where do our dues dollars go?

The major expenses for the Association, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Awards (*now eliminated)
  • Building & Property Expenses
  • Community Event Sponsorships
  • Community Housing Projects
  • Education
  • Employee Costs
  • Government Affairs
  • Leadership Development
  • Luncheons
  • Member Communications (Voice, Website, etc)
  • Office & General Expenses
  • Other Committees
  • Public Relations
  • Supra
  • Trade Expo

How much of our dues goes to NWAOR?

You pay $34 per month in local dues.  This covers all of the benefits described herein AND your monthly Supra key lease.

When are annual dues collected?

Dues statements are sent out during the first week of June.  They are due on July 31st

Why are dues collected so early in the year?

The Board received a lot of feedback from members that they would rather pay dues during the summer, peak of sales season rather than the low point and at Christmas time when money has a different priority.

In addition, collecting dues in July tells the Board how many members there will be the following year, which is necessary information to have as the Board builds its budget for the following year.

What is the current financial status of the Association?

Extremely strong.  In recent years we have bought our own building, paid down debt, and set aside an operating reserve so that we can continue to provide member benefits, despite a significant loss of revenue caused by declining membership.  Because the Board has implemented and strictly enforced very conservative and sound fiscal policy, the Association has increased its financial strength without raising dues and while increasing member benefits.

What is the investment policy of the Association?

The purpose of this investment policy statement is to assist Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® in effectively supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the control and investment of NWAOR’s assets.  This policy is adopted by the Board of Directors to provide guidance to the CEO, Treasurer and Finance Committee in implementing this policy.

The Treasurer with guidance from the Finance Committee, and with the assistance of the Chief Executive Officer and delegated staff, is responsible for the investment of funds of the association.

NWAOR will maintain two classes of accounts:  Operating and Reserve.

Operating   NWAOR Operating accounts shall be maintained in a financial institution that is FDIC (or some other comparable insurance) insured.  Effort will be made to maintain operating accounts at no more than $100,000 for any extended period.  If the operating account balance exceeds $250,000, board of director approval must be obtained.

Reserve   NWAOR shall maintain a Reserve Account equal to or greater than two years operating expenses, adequate funds to satisfy any existing debt, and legal/political issues reserve of at least $250,000.  In accordance with its fiduciary responsibility to protect assets, all investments will be made in high quality, insured and guaranteed instruments.  Unless otherwise decided by the Board of Directors all proceeds generated through investments will remain in reserve account and be re-invested.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to meet with the investment advisor 3 or 4 times per year and to formally report to the Board of Directors on at least an annual basis.

If there is an operating surplus, the Board of Directors may choose to allocate additional funds to the Reserve Fund.  The amount of money in the Reserve Fund may be decreased by a vote of the Board of Directors but in no situation should the Reserve Fund be reduced to less than one year operating expenses, except in an emergency situation.

What are the major benefits that members receive from NWAOR?

Legislative Advocacy and Government Affairs

Our Political Survival Fund, also known as RPAC, has become one of the largest and most influential PACs in the state and nation.  As a member of NWAOR, you are represented in political campaigns and in the formation of public policy at every level of politics.  These efforts have a dramatic impact on your ability to succeed in the real estate profession.  In recent years, we have successfully defeated legislation that would have (1) created a 5% sales tax on all REALTOR commissions, (2) eliminated the 45% property tax exemption, and (3) established a new statewide land tax and transfer tax on the sale of real property.

Legal Support

Our Association helps fund a Legal Resource Center.  For FREE legal advice on a wide array of issues related to our business, call the legal resource center at: 800-594-8933.

Ownership in Multiple Listing Service

The WFR has become one of the least expensive and most technologically advanced MLS systems in the country, allowing thousands of people access to your listings through the internet.  As a one-third owner/shareholder of the WFR, we work nonstop to refine and improve a product that is already second to none.

Professional Standards and Ethics Enforcement

By maintaining a high level of ethical standards within our membership, we help ensure that members of the public know the benefits of trusting a REALTOR® to represent them in their property transactions.

 Continuing Education

We sponsor and organize a variety of educational and training opportunities to meet all state licensing requirements as well as improve your personal knowledge of the real estate profession.  Continuing Education offered through our Association is FREE to NWAOR members! (See question #28 for more details).

Social and Business Networking

Working in cooperation with our Participating Affiliates, the Association provides free networking opportunities including lunches, Brokers Forum meetings, after hours events, ski days, summer parties, Christmas parties, trips to Wendover, etc.

Public Relations

We maintain an excellent relationship with the Standard-Examiner where REALTOR® friendly news stories and ads can be found.  We also advertise the benefits of using a REALTOR® through billboards, TV and radio spots.  In addition, our committees are involved in numerous charitable and other events in our local communities including our Have a Heart program, which has received national recognition for providing affordable housing opportunities.

 Key Boxes

We organize and maintain a lock-box system enabling our members to easily show houses throughout the Wasatch Front.

Board Store

We stock a variety of products you need to effectively buy and sell real estate.   A list of available products can be viewed at


One of the most important benefits provided by NWAOR is the variety of forms and contracts you use on a daily basis.  They are drafted and continually improved by the Utah Association of REALTORS® (UAR).  The use of these state approved forms will do more to protect and shield you and your clients than perhaps anything else.

Association Awards/Recognition

Each year we recognize the top people in our Association with a Professional Achievement Award.  This award is given to REALTORS® who produce a high level of sales volume and support the Association. In addition, other high-achieving award recipients are recognized in a high-profile ad run in the Standard Examiner.

Leadership and Training Opportunities

As a member of NWAOR, you have the opportunity to serve on a committee or be part of our leadership team.  Not only will NWAOR benefit from your service, but you’ll experience significant growth and development as well.


Keep informed about your Association at  Link to the Legal Resource Center, check the event calendar, order forms, list open houses, or find and list hot properties in your area.

Use of REALTOR name and logo

Only Real Estate Agents who are official members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are allowed to call themselves REALTORS and utilize the REALTOR® trademark.

Office Space and Training Facilities

Our Association office is available to our members for free.  We are also a “wi-fi” hot spot so you can access the MLS from your laptop in the building or parking lot.  Also, please take advantage of our state-of-the-art training facilities.

How is the Board of Directors chosen?

The Board of Directors members are elected to a three year term by a vote of the general association membership.  The election takes place in September.  Every year we have approximately 3 or 4 Director terms expire.  Prior to the election, a nominating committee made up of volunteer REALTORS®, appointed by the Board of Directors meets and nominates two REALTORS® to run for every available seat.  Those names plus any additional names nominated from the general membership at the August general membership business meeting are placed on the ballot. Any names nominated and seconded by the NWAOR membership are automatically added to names brought forth by the nominating committee.

Are there term limits for Board of Directors?

No.  If a sitting Director wishes to be re-elected, they have to run every three years, and be re-elected by the membership.

How is the Association President selected?

The President must serve on the Board of Directors and be elected by the Board of Directors.  Before serving as President, they must be elected by the Board to the office of 1st Vice President, where they serve for one year.  They then move up to the office of President Elect, where they serve for one additional year prior to being installed as President.

What is the current configuration of the Board of Directors?

9 Women                               5 Men

5 Weber County                   9 Davis County

10 Large office                     4 Small office

6 Brokers                               8 Agents

8 Franchise office                6 Independently owned offices

What efforts does the Board take to ascertain the opinions of its members before making decisions?

The Association conducts a member survey (which can be completed by any member through the MLS) at least once a year.  These surveys ask the members multiple questions designed to find out members’ opinions and ideas.  The results of these surveys are studied by the Board of Directors and used as a road map for the Board to set goals and make decisions.  The survey results are available for NWAOR members to view on our website.  Please note that some comments posted on the survey results have been redacted from the website in order to prevent legal/antitrust liability. 

The Board also makes great effort to take informal input from as many members as possible and welcomes all constructive ideas and recommendations as to how the Association can better serve its members.

Does the Board of Directors support allowing “For Sale By Owners” to list property on the MLS?

No. The NWAOR Board has emphatically opposed this idea.

How are RPAC dollars spent?

RPAC money is used primarily to fund campaigns for elected officials who have shown a commitment to defending property rights, small businesses and other issues important to REALTORS®.  RPAC funds are also used to support political issues that are germane to real estate.

What are some examples of issues that RPAC dollars are used to fight?

To prevent sales tax on services

Nearly every year government officials propose a 6 or 7 percent tax on REALTOR® commissions.  RPAC is constantly protecting you from such a law.

To protect against transfer taxes

A 5 percent transfer tax, which could not be financed into a mortgage, would cost $12,500 for a $250,000 house. This extra cost would prevent many would-be clients from becoming homeowners.

To keep mortgage interest benefits

If the mortgage interest deduction was eliminated, the average REALTOR® would lose more than $7,000 in commissions.  Every year RPAC works to maintain this tool for increasing homeownership.

To reduce your liability

Bills are constantly being proposed that would increase your risk of being sued.  RPAC defeats bills that would hold REALTORS® responsible for mold, meth and other contamination issues.

To keep banks out of real estate

Banks have asked the government to define real estate as a financial activity, a change that would allow large banks to offer real estate brokerage services and become your competitors.  RPAC fights to keep this from happening.

Who decides which political candidates to support and who decides how to spend RPAC dollars?

There is an RPAC Board of Trustees, made up of twelve volunteer REALTORS®, who are members of NWAOR, and who are appointed by the Association President and Board of Directors.  They are the only ones with the authority to decide how to spend RPAC money.  The Board of Trustees operates independently from the Board of Directors. 

Was any RPAC money used to support “Envision Ogden”?


How can I find out exactly where RPAC dollars are spent?

By law, we are required to post a detailed accounting of every cent of RPAC dollars we spend.  That information is a public record and is available for anyone to see online through the state of Utah, Lt. Governor’s office.

 Does RPAC money go to Republicans and Democrats?

Yes.  The Trustees decide who to support based on the elected officials/candidates views on REALTOR® issues, regardless of political party.

Is it true the CE (Continuing Education) is free at NWAOR?

Yes.  We are one of the few boards in the entire nation that offers free CE (Continuing Education) to our members.  This does not include on-line CE or designations, and is available only to NWAOR members.  Members of other local Associations are welcome to attend our classes, but are charged an appropriate amount.

 Will CE always be free?

We don’t know.  This depends on membership numbers, available money, state of the economy, etc.

 What about on-line CE?

You still need to pay for the CE, but NWAOR has assembled the only one stop shop for online CE.  At you can shop, compare and take almost any online CE class offered in the state of Utah.  If you sign up for on-line CE, we receive a small share of the money paid.  This money helps us to pay for regular CE for our members.

How do I get involved at the Association?

The best way to get involved is to serve on a committee.  Much of the work done at the Association is done in committees by volunteer REALTORS®.  We are a volunteer led organization, and we rely on your support.

What committees does the Association have?

Affiliates, Community Outreach, Education and Government Affairs.

 How do I sign up for a committee?

Email Kristi at, and let her know what committee you are interested in or call any of our committee chairs.

Where can we view committee rules and regulations?

The NWAOR Policies and Procedures are available at

What is Have a Heart?

Have a Heart is NWAOR’s own charity based around helping families to afford home ownership.  The Have a Heart project began in 1998 as a community service project from the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS®. We began by refurbishing existing homes and selling them at a substantial discount to special needs families. 

Within a few years, the Northern Wasatch Home Builder’s Association joined the effort and took our project to a whole new level. With their help, we have been able to build new construction homes every year since in Davis and Weber counties.

Our new homes are still discounted substantially, which is made possible through the charitable contributions from individuals and local businesses, builders and subcontractors that donate their services and supplies, and by the REALTORS® and Affiliates that host fundraisers throughout the year.  All funds raised go directly to the have a Heart homes.

Does the Association give financial support to community and charitable causes and organizations that are not political in nature and that aren’t associated with Have a Heart?

Yes.  The Association contributes tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours a year to groups such as:  Chambers of Commerce, Weber County Pathways, Davis Council for Arts, Eccles Community Arts Centers, United Way, Gingerbread House auction, Northern Utah Red Cross, Evergreen, Christmas Tree Jubilee, Weber School Foundation, Ogden City Painted Horse, various local summer parades, High School essay scholarship contest, MS Walk Relay for Life for Cancer, Community assistance for needy, Have a Heart Homes, Cystic Fibrous Ogden Walk, annual canned food drive for Ogden food bank, Hill AFB Special Needs Summit, Hill AFB – Utah Defense Alliance etc.

How are committee chairs selected?

Selection of Committee Chairs

In selecting a committee chair and vice chair the President and President Elect looks for the following criteria and characteristics:                       

  1. Interest in the particular work or duties of the committee.
  2. Previous experience on the committee or experience gained from another source.
  3. Open mind. Ability to seek out all views of committee members.
  4. Willingness to abide by majority decision and follow-through to the completion of a project.
  5. Leadership abilities in general.

How are the recipients of the Specialty Awards (i.e. REALTOR of the Year, Special Achievement, Citizen of the Year, Lifetime Achievement) chosen?

These Award recipients are selected from a committee of volunteer REALTORS® made up of:  Past President, Current President, President Elect, and two “at large” REALTORS® out of the general Realtor body, appointed by the President and Board of Directors.

What are the criteria for choosing Specialty Awards Recipients?

Affiliate of the Year

In order to be eligible for this award the proposed recipient must have satisfied the following criteria:

  1. Candidates must be a dues paying Affiliate member the entire year.
  2. The Award is based on service, accomplishment, and participation in the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS®.
  3. Candidate must have played an active role with the Affiliates Committee during the year prior to receiving the award.
  4. Any Chair of the Affiliate Committee shall be ineligible to receive this award for one year following term as Chair.

Lifetime Achievement

In order to be eligible for this award the proposed recipient must have satisfied the following criteria:

  1. The Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize dedication, professionalism, service and participation in the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS®.
  2. The candidate must be a member in good standing of Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® during the entire preceding award year.
  3. The candidate through their career has shared their time, talent, and experience for the benefit of the entire profession.
  4. Candidate must have been a member in good standing of Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® for a minimum of five (5) years prior to receiving the award.
  5. The candidate must not have been found in violation of the code of ethics or sanctioned by the Division of Real Estate in the two (2) years prior to receiving the award.

REALTOR® of the Year

In order to be eligible for this award the proposed recipient must have satisfied the following criteria:

  1. Candidate must be a REALTOR® member in good standing and actively involved in Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® throughout the preceding year.
  2. Candidate must have been a member in good standing of Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® for a minimum of three (3) years prior to receiving the award.
  3. Candidate must have shown a commitment to community involvement.
  4. Candidate must have demonstrated continued dedication and service to the Association and real estate profession.
  5. Consideration should be given to designations, and service on committees, societies and councils, (e.g. WCR, CRS. NAR and UAR).
  6. Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS® President may not be considered for a minimum of one year following term of service as President.
  7. The candidate must not have been found in violation of the code of ethics or sanctioned by the Division of Real Estate in the two (2) years prior to receiving the award.

Special Achievement

In order to be eligible for this award the proposed recipient must have satisfied the following criteria:  The recipient of this award shall be a non-REALTOR® who has made an outstanding contribution to Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS®.

Citizen of the Year

In order to be eligible for this award the proposed recipient must have satisfied the following criteria:  The recipient of this Award is a non-REALTOR® who has made an outstanding contribution of citizenship to the community, state or county, during the year preceding the award.

Good Neighbor

In order to be eligible for this award the proposed recipient must have satisfied the following criteria:

  1. This Award honors one REALTOR® or Affiliate member who has made an exceptional contribution to his or her community during the entire award year preceding the award.
  2. The candidate shall have made a significant contribution of personal time, money, materials or other resources.
  3. The candidate must not have been found in violation of the code of ethics or sanctioned by the Division of Real Estate in the two (2) years prior to receiving the award.

Where can we view job descriptions of various Association leaders?
The Policies and Procedures.

What is the job description of the Association CEO?
Chief Executive Officer


The Chief Executive Officer (the CEO) of the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS®, a Utah corporation (the “Association”) is responsible to the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Association for the effective conduct of Association affairs. The Chief Executive Officer recommends and participates in formulating the Association’s mission, goals, objectives, and related policies. Within that framework, the Chief Executive Officer plans, organizes, coordinates, controls, and directs the Association’s staff, programs, and activities. The Chief Executive Officer works closely with the Association’s President and other elected leaders to ensure that the Association’s goals are achieved. The Chief Executive Officer also serves as staff liaison to all committees and act as the liaison between committees and the Board. Said liaison duties may be delegated by Chief Executive Officer to other members of staff.

The Chief Executive Officer shall perform the following services, functions, responsibilities, and duties (collectively, the “Duties”) within the limits of the Association’s charter and Bylaws, and in conformance with the Association’s policies as from time to time established by the Board. Although the Chief Executive Officer may from time to time delegate appropriate portions of the Duties, the Chief Executive Officer shall nevertheless remain ultimately responsible to the Board for the performance of all of the Duties.

1. Become, and continue to be, a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (the “National Association” and fully and appropriately participate in, and represent the interests of the Association with, such organization.
2. Ensure that the Board, the Executive Committee, and the officers are fully informed with respect to the Association’s activities, condition, and status, and of all important factors influencing the Association and its operations.
3. Attend all meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee.
4. Plan, formulate, and recommend for the approval of the Board, basic policies and programs that will further the Association’s objectives.
5. Execute all decisions of the Board, except when the Board specifically makes other assignments.
6. Develop specific administrative policies, procedures, and programs to implement the general policies of the board.
7. Establish a sound organizational structure and related staffing structure for the Association’s main office.
8. Ensure the legal integrity of the Association.
9. Plan the general administration of the Association operations; though many responsibilities may be delegated to other staff members, the Chief Executive Officer should be aware of the progress and status of, and shall be ultimately responsible for, all Association projects and activities.
10. Coordinate the representation of the Association in any and all local governmental and quasi-governmental matters affecting the real estate profession.
11. Execute contracts and commitments as authorized by the Board or within established policies.
12. Promote interest and active participation of members and local/chapter groups in Association activities.
13. Maintain effective relationships with other organizations, both public and private, and ensure that Association and membership positions on various matters are promoted and enhanced in accordance with the policies and objectives of the Association.
14. Ensure that all funds, physical assets, and other Association property are appropriately safeguarded and administered; conduct the operations of the Association within the parameters of the budgets from time to time established by the Board.
15. Plan, coordinate, and conduct public relations programs to enhance public acceptance of the industry.
16. Serve as supervising editor of the Association’s official publication. 17. Coordinate the Association’s educational programs so as to advance the professional, technical, and managerial skills of the membership, operating within the budget and program objectives that the Board approves.
18. Plan, organize, and direct membership promotion and retention programs; evaluate the results of such programs and make recommendations with respect to policies, procedures, and actions that might be undertaken in order to achieve membership goals.
19. Supervise the collection of dues and take disciplinary action against delinquent members according to the established Association procedures.
20. Exercise supervision over the Association’s budget and all arrangements required to meet the Association’s financial objectives.
21. Plan, promote, and administer all official Association meetings.
22. Plan and execute all communications to membership, including newsletters, general mailings, news releases, and other appropriate communications.
23. Act as a direct liaison with the state association and the National Association with respect to appropriate matters.
24. Act as the Association’s spokesperson when the Association President is unavailable.
25. Within the limits of the Association’s budget, participate in state and national activities and programs, thereby providing a benefit to the Association and the Executive Officer.
26. Carry out such other general responsibilities as the Association’s officers and the Board may from time to time specify.
27. Be an ex officio, nonvoting, member of the Executive Committee and the Board.

Establish and maintain positive working relationships and open lines of communication with the following;
1. Leadership and Executive Officers of other local or state associations.
2. The Association’s legal counsel.
3 Legislators, County Commissioners, Mayors, City council members, their staff, and appropriate local government officials.
4. The Association’s staff.
5. Leadership of subordinate or affiliated groups and organizations, i.e., Wasatch Front Regional, Chamber of Commerce, Homebuilders Association, Appraisers Association, Apartment Association, Associated General Contractors, Land Developers, Commercial Real Estate Organizations, etc.

The Chief Executive Officer performance will be assessed on at least an annual basis. The following standards, among others that the Board may from time to time deem to be appropriate, are intended to assist in the fair appraisal of the Executive Officer’s performance.
1. Whether the policies and programs, proposed by the Executive Officer for consideration by the Association, are forward-looking and add to the constructive growth of the Association’s influence.
2. Whether members of the Board, officers, committee chairmen, and other Association leaders are fully informed as to the activities and plans that relate to their particular areas.
3. Whether the Association’s programs are well managed through planning, organization, coordination, and control.
4. Whether committee liaisons are supported, act timely, and are effective.
5. Whether the Association’s educational programs are forward-looking and add to the needed expertise of the Association’s members in various fields.
6. Whether the Association’s meetings are well planned, organized, and effective.
7. Whether communications relating to the Association’s purpose, programs, and activities penetrate to the target or level of members planned.
8. Whether lobbying activities on behalf of the Association are effective.
9. Whether contacts with, and support of, the Association are appropriate and effective.
10. Whether speeches made by the Executive Officer on behalf of the Association are well received, present the Association’s positions and functions in a positive manner, and are effective.
11. Whether the Chief Executive Officer has built appropriate relationships with Association members, key organizations and individuals in the community, and elected officials.

The Executive Officer shall possess the following qualities and characteristics:
1. Be dedicated to the ideals and goals of the Association.
2. Be capable of working under pressure.
3. Be of strong moral character and possess excellent leadership and motivational skills.
4. Be an excellent public speaker who thinks and speaks well under pressure and is capable of articulately expressing the Association’s views on different matters to both the membership and the public.
5. Be a proficient writer and editor.

Does the Board CEO have a vote on any Association Board, Committee, Presidential Advisory group or task force?

Does CEO have a law practice in addition to his role as CEO?
Yes. Because NWAOR is a non-profit organization with limited means to offer compensation commensurate with fair market value, the CEO contract allows his income to be supplemented by having a limited law practice, provided there is no conflict of interest, and provided that the Association continues to meet and exceed its goals. The CEO is committed to dedicating a minimum of forty to fifty hours per week to the Association.

Are specific employee contracts or salaries of any Association staff available to the membership?
No. That information is confidential. The CEO’s contract is approved by the Executive Committee and staff salaries are set by the CEO, within the budgetary limits set by the Board of Directors.

What do I do if I have suggestions, questions, or concerns about the Association?

You may call any member of the Association staff, including the CEO any time at 801-476-4216.  You can also email the CEO at  In addition, any member can call the Association President, or any other member of the Board of Directors.

How do I contact a member of the Board of Directors?

Contact information will be posted on the NWAOR website.

Position First Name Last Name Contact Phone Member E-mail
President Brenda Nelson 801-791-5985
President Elect Robert Bolar 801-737-3333

1st Vice President Shauna Ray 801-389-6947
2nd Vice President Lori Fleming 801-940-9560
Treasurer Stephanie Taylor 801-814-7175
Past President Sonya Smithing 801-721-7282
Director Randy Benoit 801-564-1625
Director Katie Bush 801-726-0522
Director Devi Cooper 801-807-9190
Director Bob Hill 801-390-3621

Director Anne Lansing 801-644-2663
Director Mandi Lee 801-388-7556
Director Dan Naylor 801-683-9093
Director Ron Snow 801-690-1813